Executive Clinical Director – MA

Title: Executive Clinical Director
Reports To: Division Presidents (Executive Team Member)
Manages (if any?): Yes
Locations: Greater Boston Area
Send Resumes to: resumes “at” cpcamerica.com

Position Overview
The Executive Clinical Director will assume responsibility for managing the assessment & treatment program including the direct management of the Clinical Supervisors.  Their primary focus is on assisting supervisors and clinical staff in developing and operating as competent professionals in all areas. The Executive Clinical Director will work closely with the Chief of Clinical Services in the development and execution of Clinical protocols using CPC best practices and quality assurance. Working with the division presidents, this position operationalizes the CPC clinical design.

Position Responsibilities

The Executive Clinical Director ensures the timeliness and quality of:

  • Assessing new clients and updating assessments
    • Intake Screening
      • New client Orientation
      • Using assessment tools
      • Diagnostic interviewing
      • Initial treatment targeting
  • Conducting intensive investigative Assessment (SOATE)
  • Designing individualized treatment plans
  • Implementing and executing on clinical protocols
  • Guiding the process of change through CPC best practices and quality assurance
  • Fully utilizing RULE workbook tools to guide the change process
  • Documenting clinical work in a timely and useful manner (telling the clients story)
  • Using supervision & consultation as needed
  • Bringing all clinicians up to speed with their knowledge of Assessments, the RULE Program, Quality Treatment and Documentation
  • Quality improvement plans for each clinician will be designed, implemented and measured on a regular basis
  • Assume responsibility for assessments and the management of select supervisors with advanced assessment skills. The focus will be on selecting assessment tools in conjunction with the Chief of Clinical Services for general client population and for specific client groups.  This will be done in collaboration with the Program Design Team.
  • Work to build skills and improve the quality of assessments completed by all CPC clinicians and by clinicians skilled in special assessments (e.g., ABEL, PPG, Psych Testing, Hare, etc)
  • Work to ensure that CPC clinicians are appropriately credentialed in assessment tools

Position Requirements

  • A doctoral level degree in Psychology preferred
  • 8 years of experience working with the SO population
  • 5 years of experience in a leadership role
  • An ability to develop a respected, cooperative & useful working relationships with executive leadership and line staff
  • Outstanding communication and presentation skills

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