25th Annual Virtual MASOC/MATSA Joint Conference

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25th Annual Virtual MASOC/MATSA Joint Conference on April 12-13, 2023

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This year’s two-day conference will be VIRTUAL and better than ever, with 18 fantastic presentations, related to children and adolescents with problematic sexual behaviors and adults who have sexually abused.


William James College (WJC) is our co-sponsor and has generously offered to help host this year’s virtual conference. Many of you have asked about the CE Credits. Through WJC, we will be able to offer 14 CE Credits over two days. This is subject to final approval from each of the associations.

And the cost this year is $99 for one day or $180 for two days which includes the CE credits! Special student rates are also available if you have a current .edu email.


Just to give you a flavor of the conference, each day has a fantastic keynote speaker addressing issues critical to our field:

  • Dr Sharon Cooper will talk about the adultification of black girls
  • Dr Sharon Kelley will be addressing deficit versus strength-based treatment planning

Then we will have two tracks, one for professionals working with adults and the other for those working with children and/or adolescents. Over the course of two very full days, we will have 16 presentations to choose from. And here are just a few highlights:

Speakers focusing on children and adolescents include:

  • Jim Worling will talk about the assessment and treatment of adolescents who have abuse supportive attitudes and behaviors
  • Kevin Creeden will focus on resiliency and the importance of family engagement
  • Debby Herbenick will address the rise of “rough sex” and how sex has changed for youth

Speakers focusing on adults include:

  • Jill Levenson discusses transforming treatment through trauma-informed practices
  • Mark Olver talks about assessing dynamic risk factors as a key to treatment and management
  • The excellent array of student research talks will be offered by Ray Knight’s lab

Finally, to ensure that we have some of the warmth of our in person conference we will have a special evening event to explore the healing powers of music through a virtual “sound bath” with Monique Meade of Carnegie Mellon University.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact  info@masoc.net or Diane Langelier and 413.540.0712 x14.