MATSA Board Meeting Minutes – March 2017

Date: 3/15/17

Location: by phone

Attended: Suji Choe
Jim Feldman
Ryan Horn
Kaitlyn Peritti
Tim Sinn
Laurie Guidry
Renee Sorrentino
Matt Robinson
Ray Knight
Dennis McNamara
Kerry Nelligan
Ruth Lewis

Agenda Item


Action Plan (if needed)

  • Starting in May 2017 the monthly meeting will be the 2nd Wednesday of the month from 10-12
  • Suji will look into creating a social media
  • Stacy will check with Library to see if room will be available
  • She will look into creating a Facebook page and Linked in group for MATSA
  • No new updates on request to get the website back
  • Need to find a way to let others (treatment providers) know about the website problems and give them the new website
  • Matt will draft an email to send around
  • Ray will post on the listserve
Annual Conference
  • Student reception – Ryan is reminding people to sit at student table during lunch
  • We can sponsor 10 students for one day of the conference
  • The Seghorn award – board agrees to give award to Kerry’s nominee
  • A doodle poll will be created to sign up for volunteer roles
  • Ray’s students will make poster presentation
  • Kerry will do President’s address
  • Kerry needs assistance with LCD projectors
  • Poster Session – Should we leave posters up on both Thursday and Friday – we might be charged an extra day, students who might not come on Friday would want to take them on Thursday. Maybe not enough notice to make the change this year
  • Students who want a scholarship should send registration directly to Kerry
  • Ray can do Thursday morning
  • Kerry and Suji will work Thursday and Kerry and Ryan on Friday. Matt has offered to be a backup if needed
  • Will keep it one day this year and look into longer for next year
Public PolicyNo issues
Annual TrainingNo issues
Other Issues
  • Dennis sent Renee our current insurance policy
  • Someone is coming from New Zealand for 8 weeks this summer.
  • Renee will look into if we need an extension on our current policy or another policy
  • Renee will send around an email to see who has opportunities for him

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