The maintenance or distribution of any list of clinicians who chose to indicate that they provide services to individuals with sexually abusive behavior problems does not constitute an endorsement or verification of the credentials of those individuals by MATSA or any of its members. Inclusion on a resource directory of providers on the MATSA website does not constitute a license to practice, a measure of competency of the professional whose name appears, or any form of endorsement. Similarly, non-inclusion does not signify a failure to meet such criteria, as well. Neither MATSA nor its membership bear any responsibility for the quality of services provided by individuals and/or agencies appearing on this list; this remains the responsibility of the individual provider.

Creeden, Kevin

Whitney Academy
85 Dr. Braley Rd. East Freetown, MA 02717
(508) 763-2202 x222

  • Clinical Licenses held:
    • Licensed mental health counselor (LMHC)
  • Ages of population served:  6 years and older
  • Genders Served:
    • Male
    • Female
  • Types of Services offered:
    • Individual work specialized for sexually problematic/offense behavior
    • Family Support work specialized for sexually problematic/offense behavior
    • Evidence based individual therapy (e.g., CBT for anxiety, depression, or trauma)
    • Neurofeedback, or other alternative therapies
    • Risk Assessments
    • Residential care (longer term)
  • Experience with Specialized Populations:
    • Mild Mental Retardation or developmental disability in the PDD/Autism Spectrum
    • Severe trauma population (e.g., fragile PTSD, complex trauma adaptation, dissociation)
    • Youth with high frequency/severity of assaultive behavior targeting others
  • Language Proficiencies in Group/Individual sessions:
    • English
  • Residential Treatment Program:  Yes
  • Residential treatment program language proficiencies among line/shift staff: English
  • Psychopharmacology Assessments Provided:   Yes
  • Onsite Access to provide Psychiatric Medication as part of services: Yes
  • Insurance Accepted: No Response
  • Description of work provided and philosophy of working with this population:
    • In the residential program at Whitney and in my own work with children and adolescents I take a developmental approach with my clients in that I try to identify the obstacles (e.g. trauma histories; relationship difficulties; processing problems, etc.) that are presently getting in the way of the client being on a positive developmental trajectory. The treatment is “trauma informed” in that I try to utilize the most recent research around trauma, neurodevelopment, and developmental psychology to prioritize treatment goals and inform treatment interventions.